Ages 3 and over. Teacher / Pupil Ratio 1 : 4

Learn to swim classes are independent classes (without the parent or caregiver in the water) for beginners aged 3 years and over. Children commence lessons in our shallow baby pool and progress, over a period of time, to deeper water. Each child is taken at his / her own pace. All teaching is in groups as interaction with others is fun and competition is a great motivator. Particular care is taken to ensure that children are placed in appropriate classes. Children are not grouped strictly in ages but, more often, according to ability. As soon as we notice that a child is progressing beyond the level of most of the group, we recommend a change to a stronger class so that the child is not prevented from reaching his / her full potential and so that he / she does not become bored.

The equipment and toys at the swimming centre are colourful and stimulating and are valuable teaching tools as they arouse natural curiosity and allay anxiety. Equipment and toys are replaced on a regular basis.


Duration of Classes

Lessons are approximately 30 minutes each and parents can enrol their children for once or twice a week classes, subject to availability. There is very little price difference between once or twice a week swimming as we do encourage parents to attend classes regularly. It stands to reason that the more frequently children attend lessons, the quicker they will learn. Success is all about constant aquatic exposure. Having said this, however, once a week classes are better than no classes at all!


How Long Will It Take For Your Child To Learn To Swim?

There is unfortunately no definitive answer to this question. What we can tell you is that there is no “quick fix” when it comes to learning to swim. The more committed you are to bringing your child to lessons regularly, the faster your child will progress. It is all about constant aquatic exposure. A child would learn to swim as quickly as he / she learns to walk if he / she was exposed to the aquatic environment as frequently as he / she was given the opportunity to practise walking. No child is the same and, just as they learn to roll over, crawl, walk and talk at different times, so it is with swimming.